Friday, April 6, 2012


I love having a nice quiet day on Good Friday...


I been watching the RCH Appeal on the telly (and catching up on Footballers Wives), and I made myself a yummy Tuna Melt for lunch.

In between, I've been whipping up a few new cushion covers...

Next up is a special request for a Cornwall Cushion for a lovely Gleaners Inc customer, and then I may have to indulge in an easter egg or two!


Jen said...

Sounds divine. Hope you're still chillin over the rest of Easter. Don't tell anyone but I indulged in about 5 eps of The Vampire Diaries yesterday. :)

Love the last cushion with the earty tones and words.

Happy Easter!

Michelle said...

I love a quiet Good Friday as well. I cuddled Baby Sadieandlance for a couple of hours, rode there and back, and then mended for the rest of the day. It was blissful.

Hope the rest of your weekend is just as good.

Happy easter Cam!