Thursday, September 6, 2012

iPhone Cases - Just for a bit of Fun!

This is my actual phone in it's new cover

So a while back, I managed to drop my iPhone on a concrete driveway and smashed the front screen, rendering it completely useless.

I was babysitting alone. I had a major panic attack. I couldn't call anyone for help, and I couldn't receive any calls either (ie. like from the Transplant team).

Thankfully I managed to get it replaced later that day, but as soon as I arrived home, I got online and ordered what I thought was a protective case printed with one of my own designs.

Sadly when it arrived, I was really disappointed that it was, in fact, just what's known as a 'skin'. Or, what I would call a very expensive sticker!

In the meantime, I've been wandering around with a really cheap and ugly rubber case, thinking about what to do next.

I went searching online again a few weeks ago, and ordered this hard plastic cover from Society 6 using my Spring Bouquet design.

A few people have mentioned that they really like it, so guess what? You can actually order your own.

There are currently three designs to choose from. They're all a bit of fun! Hope you like them.


Cass said...

These look great Cam. I too learnt the hard way with my iPad. I knocked it not very hard against a chair leg and smashed the screen. At the time it was in the apple smart cover with another cover on the back. Not enough protection all around it apparently. Needless to say I now have a case that covers every last bit

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

I LOVE these Cam. I might have to ask the Shropshire boy for one for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I love them Cam you are so clever, now all I need is an iphone instead of the dinosaur I have

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

any plans for cases for other phones?? not everyone has an iphone, lots of smart phones out there

annie said...

Love these. Anna made me a lovely parrot one like them. If I ever need another yours is it! Its so cheerful:)

Lola Nova said...

Oh my, those are gorgeous! Love! If only I had an Iphone.

Margaret said...

They are gorgeous Cam!

Willie Hauser said...

Your blogs and every other content is so entertaining and useful It makes me come back again.