Sunday, August 10, 2008

This is......a work in progress

I'm almost too scared to post about works in progress...... there are lots of things that have been half finished and tucked away somewhere safe, never to be seen again.

I wandered around the house and only took photos of the works in progress that were easy to find.

WIP number 1 - pinky reddy scarf - knitting completed but I can't find the last ball of yarn to make tassels for the ends.

WIP number 2 - apron with hand stitched flowers. The hand stitching through the white vinyl became boring very quickly. I've only stitched 2 complete flowers so far.

WIP number 3 - Small bag for oxygen tubing - the bag is so small that I can't stitch the opening section together on the sewing machine - relegated to the hand sewing pile a few months ago.

WIP number 4 - toddler size bibs - I actually can't remember why I didn't finish these (obviously something far more exciting came along).

WIP number 5 - Baby size bibs - I still haven't completed these for a friend who had a baby two weeks ago. Another friend had another baby boy on Friday. I need to make more bibs pronto.

WIP number 6 - Baby bottle cover - this was the first prototype - I'm not happy with it - it was relegated to the 'try again after re-design' pile.

WIP number 7 - this is a handbag that I promised to make for my mum about 2 years ago. The outer is finished, the inner is finished (it even has the magnetic snap attached). All I need to do is to stitch the 2 layers together and add a strap. Maybe I should actually finish this one.

WIP number 8 - another scarf with the yarn that I bought from Clegs. One ball down, two balls to go.

WIP number 9 - This was part of my mosaics phase from about 5 years ago.

WIP number 10 - Also from my mosaics phase circa 2003.

WIP number 11 - Ditto 2003.

I'm sure I could find more if I searched a bit deeper!

Thanks to Debbie from Kept in a Jar for such an enlightening (or WIP load lightening) 'This is' theme this week. Head on over to visit Angela to see who else is playing along!


Anonymous said...

Wow lots of WIPs! I have quite a few about the place too, but I've just posted the two I'm really trying to get done at the moment.

I really like both your scarves!

Liesl said...

I enjoyed looking at your extensive list of WIPs. In contrast to my "lots of the one thing unfinished" you seem to have "lots of different things unfinished" - the diversity is impressive. I like the fact that I can comment on your WIP by reference number!!

WIP #1 and #8 - your knitting is absolutely beautiful. I hope you find that last ball of yarn for #1 ... it would be nice to have another scarf for this weather!

#2 - that apron is going to be lovely ... you have to keep going with the flowers (... after a cup of tea of course)!

#3 - isn't that fabric gorgeous - what a great print

#9, #10 & #11 - I think you could sell these as some sort of kit. A bit like those colouring books where a little bit of the colouring has already been done for you!

willywagtail said...

I like the easy to find bit.Ha ha. Also your mosaic work. Cherrie

Anna-Lisa said...

that's so funny. If I posted all my unfinished projects I think the entire internet would crash!

Kirsty said...

That's a pretty impressive list Cam. At least you start...I have more Ideas In Progress than Works.

Michelle said...

I know how you feel - my wips haunt my sleep!


Reenie said...

You've got such a nice knitting stitch there Ms Curly Pops.. I'm jealous.. ....

Nikki said...

I'm glad to see someone else has as many WIP's and I do!!

I kind of figure I've been posting all my same-old WIP's for so long it'd just be repetition... but you've dug out some treasures we haven't seen before, and revealed new and wonderful talents. What an inspired and creative gal you are!

Anastasia said...

i think if we all looked hard enough we'd all find WIP getting better at finishing things!

Jenny said...

I too am glad I am not the only one with a few WIP-but I only showed one! Yours are looking lovely-love that apron to be.

Michelle said...

Thats so like me as well! So many things on the go - multitasking! You have a such vast array of talents...mosaics, sewing, applique....!!

flossy-p said...

Well, they ALL look great! I'm the same, I have SO many 1/2 finished projects, but I'm too ashamed to show the 1/2/ finished handbag I was suppose to make for a fellow blogger a year ago!!!!! I MUST finish that.... gulp.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I love your collection of WIPs! You now feel like a WIP kindred spirit, I have so many around here, but just gathering them together for this week's theme was becoming a WIP itself!

Maureen Reynolds said...

That's funny..I wonder how one determines when a WIP becomes a DOA? ;-) I've had some of the latter.