Sunday, August 31, 2008

This favourite fabric/craft supplies store

1. 101 things, 2. pillowcase 4, 3. trims, 4. sheet, 5. trims close up, 6. pillowcase 2, 7. pillowcase, 8. zips, 9. Complete crafts book, 10. plate set, 11. Vinnies 050208, 12. buttons, 13. Op shop 2 19032007, 14. Op shop 19032007, 15. fabric & book, 16. trims, 17. op shop finds, 18. vinnies yarn, 19. vinnies fabric, 20. teatowels, 21. tablecloths, 22. oppy - fabric & zips, 23. oppy - felt scraps, 24. Vinnies goodies

My absolute favourite fabric/craft supplies shop definitely has to be the Op Shop. I love the excitement of rummaging through the piles of stuff and searching for the gold. Then there's the flicking through all of the clothes on the racks and imagining them being refashioned into handbags, kids clothes, softies, or blankies. This week I found a large corduroy mens shirt for $1 which has enough fabric in it to make a pair of kiddies pants and a large womens denim skirt also for $1 which has enough fabric for a pair of kiddies jeans. You could never buy the fabric at that price. The oppy is also a great place to find bargain zips but it's much harder to find buttons.

For lovely new kids fabrics, my favourite place is the Retromummy Shop and for arty/crafty supplies, my new favourite place is Moopoo Art Supplies. I also love wandering around the aisles of the local hardware shop (especially in the nuts/bolts/washers department) and imagining what I could make....I also always check out the mistints in the paint department (you never know what you'll find for a bargain price) .

Thanks so much to Sharon from Handmaiden for such a fun theme this week and of course head on over to visit Angela at Three Buttons to play along!


Cindy said...

I can almost hear the excitement in your voice as you list all your favourite haunts. Who doesn't love a good hardware visit!!

Kirsty said...


Op Shops are the very best & I also love a trip to the hardware shop.

Liesl said...

Your favourite shop needs to be paired with something special - the ability to see the potential, which you are very good at!

I love the oppy too - I'm just a bit hopeless with the creativity bit. I virtually need a neon sign hanging over something saying "Buy Me" and then instructions about what to do with it!

Anna-Lisa said...

I love the op shop too! I always feel like I'm cheating if I buy anything that's not from a sale or a second hand store. It takes the excitement out of looking for a lucky find.

.girl ferment. said...

i agree the op shop is the best.
and zips...always a bunch of bargain zips to be found.


Jenny said...

wow-such wonderful goodness!good job you are there to make everything new again!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I love a good op shop too! I love the idea of breathing new life into something pre-loved.