Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just a August

Sheesh...time flies when you're having fun.
August is nearly over already so it's high time for Just a Minute....

Reading the moment absolutely nothing except for about 150 blogs and the online newspaper. I have an appointment next week that lasts for a few hours (and so requires a book and MP3 player while sitting there). I'll be raiding the bookcase Wednesday night to see what I can find.

Listening's been a weird mix this week. I've listened to a few cd's while sewing...George, Kasey & Shane, Ministry of Sound (no rhyme nor reason nor theme nor consistency) with this lot.
I also listened to the Emily Martin podcast yesterday courtesy of the link that I found on Michelles blog.....then the weirdest thing happened today, I had the Sunday morning Marthathon going in the background while I was cutting up fabric in the kitchen, and they just so happened to replay the episode where Emily was featured.

.....well, I watched a lot of the Olympics (tv on in the background while doing other things). The channel 7 coverage was abysmal as per usual. When did Peter Colquhoun and Tom Williams become qualified to commentate sports like kayaking and BMX racing??? Why did we have to sit through so much mens gymnastics when there weren't even any aussies in the finals?
I'm still loving Project Runway Australia and Flipping Out and Dexter. Last weeks episode of Dexter was fantastic...looking forward to tonights!

.....I bought some nice Danish Butter cookies from the supermarket, they are lovely with a cup of tea in the afternoon. I really want to make some of the yummy carrot cake that Sherrin bought along to the Thornbury Sewing Bonanza. I bought the White Wings Organic flour that has the recipe on the back....but I just haven't got around to actually making them yet.

.....with lots of encouragement from others, I'm currently making some baby items for The CurlyPops Shop and more kiddies pants for my nephews. I still need to make myself a bag with the beautiful piece of vintage fabric that I received from Cathy.
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Sorry about the weird spacing...blogger is having a coniption!


Michelle said...

That's freaky! Did you see the bit where Martha asks her about her income?

Have a great week!

Michelle said...

I loooove Project Runway! Your August is wonderful, hope Sept is just as good!

Reenie said...

Flipping Out is one FUNNY show... and I'm pretty excited because I saw that the new US season of Project Runway will start soon.. hooray, I hate to not support my own country, but I havent' been enjoying Australia Project Runway as much as the US version....

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I've just discovered Project Runway (we obviously don't get it here) and am totally addicted. I've been watching both the Aussie and US seasons (caught up on both now) on Youtube.

Congratulations on the Curly Pops Shop! I'm sure it will do really well for you!