Thursday, June 4, 2009

Finding my heart

Apologies to anyone who was trying to spot the heart today. Blogger wouldn't let anyone enlarge the photo when clicking on it, which meant that it was very hard to find amongst all of the other clutter and mess!

My heart is a pincushion that Kitty made last year as part of the Hearts for Mirabel cause. I picked it out of the window display at Meet Me at Mikes and bought it home to live at my house.... where it is still dutifully carrying out its daily job of storing some of my pins.


Sandrine said...

Your work place seem to be huge... I am very envious:)

Amber said...

Oh i love your work space, very organised indeed.
Blogger has been having some real troubles of late..xx

manda said...

Um...clutter? Mess?! Goodness, I wonder what it would be like CLEAN! My workspace is my

Good guess on the snake! He's not a brown, but is just as...well ok, slightly less...famous than....brown...
I love spiders and snakes! You should come to my house! I have a heap of daddy long legs throughout the house just to chow down on the mozzies! I also own a female bird eating spider...don't worry, she's a specimen, not alive! And I own a heap of snake skins and dead snakes in jars sitting around! lol
Have another go at guessing the snake. Sarah's guess is closest so far!
Hint: lives in the NT(well lives everywhere in Aus, but the common named one I'm looking for is in NT)
Good Luck!

Jenny said...

It looks like a lovely big heart-love your workspace too and now you have more light! Wow!

Grace Garton said...

That's a lovely big heart!
I've been looking at so many creative spaces, looking for ideas to organize mine. Maybe the answer is more containers and shelving.
Had a lovely time this morning looking through your links and I even found your draw string bag tutorial!! So cool, and since its raining cats and dogs out side, what better way than to spend my day making me a couple of totes!
Thank you!!......better get the coffee on

Miss Muggins said...

Now the heart is as plain as the nose on my face! It helps when you know where to look of course! Your creative space is so inspiring, and bright.

Kitty said...

Good morning Cam!
It's lovely to know my heart found such a wonderful & useful home.
Such a great big space you have.
Enjoy your day.

Jennifer Rose said...

ok now i feel like an idiot :p seems so obvious now that you have posted its location :)