Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just a minute.... in June


My sister has been staying a couple of nights a week this month while she has been working in Melbourne, so we've been taking it in turns to cook dinner. I'd forgotten how nice it is to sit on the couch and let someone else cook!
Of course, when I really can't be bothered, I just head to my older sisters - there's always plenty of food in their house. I dropped in just in time for Tacos last week - yum.
I can't forget my favourite takeway from the local Turkish restaurant - I just call and ask for a number 9 - marinated lamb fillet, char grilled, and served with a yoghurt and tomato sauce on top of toasted turkish bread....mmmmmm

Oh and lots of chocolate of course - still eating Peppermint Frogs, but also Nestle Crunch


I'm so happy that I have Foxtel again! I can IQ all of my favourite shows and watch them when I want (and fast forward through all of the annoying ad breaks) - bliss!

I'm also seriously addicted to Masterchef. I usually watch while I'm eating dinner and it always makes me hungry, especially when they make yummy desserts.

The other must see is Brothers and Sisters - can't miss it!


I finished High Potential - great book.
I've now started on The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl which I've borrowed from Tinniegirl - I'm loving it so far....


You name it, I've probably made it this month.
Bags, scarves, pants, pencilcases, keychains, lanyards, keyrings, aprons... the list goes on - but if you haven't already guessed, I'm surrently just a little obsessed with making brooches.
I have some more crochet experimentation happening in the wings - keep an eye out for the next instalment.
Oh, and I managed to suprise myself by signing up for an outdoor market in the middle of winter!


That the lurgy has been banished for the rest of winter - ENOUGH ALREADY!

Head on over and visite Jen to sign up and play along


Thereisabuttonmissing said...

I love Turkish...I have not had a kebab in a very long time. We are headed to Geelong this weekend. I wonder if they have a good kebab shop there??! Yummo...

frutejuce said...

That table looks lovely with all of those lovely things laid out. I am in the same boat with making lots of stuff, I have a table top at a friends jewellery party so have to make sure I have enough stuff. Tell the lurgy not to come to mine either, it has outstayed its welcome here as well.

Tania said...

I'm blaming you and that recipe you posted, for our own ever-growing Masterchef addiction...

Anonymous said...

Just stopped by to thank you for your comment re: my friend with the brain tumour. I'm so touched when stragers take the time to offer their well wishes. Unfortunately this little thing is going to be the big thing in my life until, well, the end sadly. Tough days ahead. Appreciate you!

Have a wonderful weekend at Sewjourn.


JasperBoy said...

Sorry to say that the lurgy is still here and it is currently at my house.

The diagnosis is flu, but am awaiting the test results to see if I have the oink, oink kind.

The fever broke tonight, so whatever I've got it appears to be fairly mild and shortlived (symptoms started Sunday).

Enjoy Sewjourn!

Jen in Melbourne

Gina said...

Have a marvellous time away this weekend.

That market stall table looks so inviting. If the weather is not diastrous I'll try to hunt you down at the next market and get me a curlypops brooch! I'm becoming obsessed with them...

Jennifer Rose said...

I really enjoyed The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl. Thought it was well written

ooh that Turkish dish sounds wonderful! makes me hungry lol

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

I was just thinking about the 'Adventures of Dietgirl' the other day. I think it would be impossible not to enjoy that book.

Here's to lurgies being banished. I seem to have it in my stomach now. Hoping it sorts itself out before Sewjourn.