Friday, June 5, 2009

Snailblazer Swap Goodies

It's been a bit of a crazy week, but I'm finally sending out a huge thankyou to all the lovely girls who participated in the Snailblazer Swap.

I received such an amazing array of goodies - there are some extremely talented crafters out there in blogland!

  • Mini Tote Bag from Xena
  • Hair Accessories from Anna
  • Pen and Pen Holder from Vickie

  • Handmade Cards from Tania

Every single item is going to be put to very good use and I'm keeping them all for me (selfish but true)!

I'm even going to keep Tania's beautiful handmade cards - they're far too gorgeous to write on and give away, so I'm thinking about some type of multiple frame where I can display them all together, maybe with a dark coloured matting so that they really pop.

Oh, and this is what I made (and forgot to take a photo of) - A mixed fibre and bead brooch, and a crazy stitched keyring. Thanks to Tania for emailing me a photo - doh!

A huge huge thankyou to Cass for your magnificent organising and distributing skills.


Sandrine said...

What a nice bunch of crafty goodness ;)

Sarah said...

What a georgeous collection of goodies!

Tania said...

Glad to be of assistance on the 'Doh!' front - and am pleased as punch you're thinking the cards are frameworthy!

Unknown said...

What a lovely Array of Goodness you got...Very Talented Indeed.!!

Lauren said...

How fantastic! Especially love the cards