Saturday, April 5, 2008

Craft Book Nook & More Wooden Stuff

This was the old bookcase that I bought off Ebay a few weeks ago. Mr CurlyPops finally finished it off for me today. He sanded and scraped off some of the old paint (I still wanted it to look old and worn), and then just sealed it with a couple of coats of clear varnish.

I love the old beading along the sides.....

Moving books in.......

A perfect fit......I spy some little owlets keeping watch over my book stash!

Mr CurlyPops also finished off a couple of old wooden boxes that I bought off Ebay a few months ago. I don't have the before shots for these ones but they were old, dirty, unsealed timber. I think they're usually called depression boxes as they used old bits and pieces to fashion into other items during the depression.
This one is now a CD storage box for the kitchen.....

....and this one is now storing all of my sewing items that are also currently residing in the kitchen (as there's no space left in my sewing room).

The hard rubbish collection is finally making it's way to our little street next week. My neighbour from a couple of doors down the street was throwing out this lovely old ladder. My mum rescued it and it's currently sitting in my front garden bed. We were thinking of splitting it in half and having half each. Any suggestions on what I can do with it?


Corrie said...

ok bookcases look lovely for displaying things in your bedroom...I've seen them sanded back and painted or stained and used for shoes or displaying items on

love the box with the writing


Sherrin said...

looks great! and I've got to say, that's an impressive crafty book collection!! :o)

B said...

Lovely job on the book shelves and cartons.
Perhaps if room permits you could do up the ladder and use it as a stand upon which to hang your fabrics in a decorative but also useful kinda way? I have also seen them advertised as a kitchen roof type hanger for your pots pans and utensils although this may not suit your new kitchen.

Jodie said...

Great ladder. How about standing with linens folded over the rungs, or in the bathroom as a towel rack.
You could suspend it from the ceiling, again for linens or anything really.
Great ebaying by the way.

kami said...

Awesome wood pieces! The ladder is so cool, too. I also like the idea of the pot hanger, or linen/towel rack. I've seen them in magazines being used for hanging baskets, or in the garden as a trellis.

Great blog, by the way! :)

BigCat said...

I love the depression boxes. They look fabulous filled up.

I have seen old ladders used as magazines holders which look pretty cool. Just lean it up against the wall and hang the mags on it.

I want some of those tasty treats that you made for the step into lifers. I used to go to step into life but didn't survive through the winter.

Hope you had a good weekend.

Jenaveve said...

Those wooden boxes are brilliant - love the one with the writing on the side.

The ladder - maybe you could lean it up against a wall or fence outside, attach a couple of flat pieces of wood to each rung (kind of like narrow shelves) and add little pot-plants or succulents, a couple on each shelf.

Or sand it down and paint the whole thing a contemporary white for hanging fabrics, attach a few hooks to the side for ribbons/trim, etc.

Drewzel said...

Love the bookcase, but especially love those wooden boxes.
You could hang one half of the ladder horizontally in your laundry for drying stuff? hang the other half in a similar fashion over your kitchen bench for pots n' pans 'n stuff?

Cooking My Life said...

Mr. CurlyPops is an admirable addition to your household I'd say.

I like the ladders upright on an angle with fabric, quilts, towels etc over the rungs.