Saturday, April 19, 2008

Smurfs and UFO's

My 9 year old nephew came over to my house after school during the week while I was making these smurfy t-shirts for Moo Moo and the yet to be born twins. I told him that they were Smurf T-shirts and he just looked at me blankly and asked "What's a Smurf?".

How do you explain a Smurf to a 9 year old who has never seen the cartoon? Ummm, well they're these little blue men and one lady and they wear white hats and pants, except Papa Smurf becuase his are red, and there was a bad guy name Gargamel and he had a cat named Azrael and you could buy the figurines at BP back in the late 70's & early 80's. That's about as much as I could remember.

Thank goodness, I had IQ installed on my Foxtel a few weeks ago. I'll have to tape some episodes and educate the boy!

I just googled the Smurfs and there is a new Smurf movie in production, due for release in 2009 and 2008 is the 50 year annivesary of their creation.

The lovely vintage Smurf fabric was part of my soupy prize from Pip. Cheap t-shirts straight from K-Mart!

And finally, a UFO (unfinished object) is now an FO (finished object). Six more blankies for the twins that I finished off lastnight.


Hollabee said...

Cute little t-shirts! Not sure how to explain the smufs...I thought they were well known...internationally. I was born in Europe and we watched it there too :)

Sherrin said...

cute cute shirts! I loooove smurfs!

Corrie said...

cute blankets!!!!

I loved the smurfs


Cass said...

Love the tshirts and the blankets. You'll be pleased to know Smurfs have made a comeback on Foxtel

Leni and Rose said...

OMG, the smurfs! I haven't thought about them for years, I used to love them!

Very cute blankets, I like the fabrics!

SadieandLance said...

Kids these days!

ingrid said...

smurfs are blue and live in toadstool houses and love each other very much. Plus they all have to listen to papa smurf becuase he is in charge. That is the explanation I gave my kids when I made them smurf shirts. I taped a few episodes as well to help them get just how wonderful smurfs are. Sadly they werent that interested, but I had fun wattching. They are more into Josie and the Pussycats and Fraggle Rock.

Bellgirl said...

Aha, I've been looking for cheap plain t-shirts, I'll head to K-mart. I used to collect smurfs from the BP service station, Papa Smurf was my favorite. Does he remind you of Don Burke?