Friday, April 25, 2008

Just stuff

There's been a lot of babysitting happening this week and not much crafting.

My nephew and one of his schoolfriends are at my house today so they've been getting into my bead and button stash. This is my nephews creation.....I think he's going to give it to his mum.

I'm not really making anything, just adding clasps and catches and re-sorting the beads every time they get mixed together (even though I have told them one hundred times not to mix the beads). Ah the joys of crafting with kids! At least I'm not cleaning up paint and glue (although it is still quite early so that just might be next)!


zoesquid said...

Ok - I gotta comment. I find it kinda freaky that we have the same title on the same day at (almost the same time). Whats in that??? Anyway, I agree there is something special about crafting with kids. Have a great long weekend.

cookie said...

wow lucky mom to be getting that!

Selina said...

I'd be happy to recieve a handmade bracelet from my boy...I'm sure she will like it!

Michelle said...

It's great! Making bracelets is fun, his mum will love it!