Monday, October 1, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 1 - It's the beginning

Welcome to Day 1 of Blogtoberfest!

You may remember in previous years that there have been lots of lovely bloggy giveaways. Well, the same thing is happening this year.

If you would like to host a giveaway on your blog as part of the festival, then just pop on over to the Blogtoberfest Giveaway page, and add the details so that all of the other participants can find you.

Please try to stick to the same format (it just makes it easier to read):

  • Blog Name - What you're giving away - End Date
Of course, if you have any problems, just email me and I'll try to sort it out as quickly as I can. Go forth and be festivalled!


Miss Prudence said...

oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!Blogtober fun!!!!!

sister outlaws said...

Yay! Here we go again!

Cherie said...

Yipppeeeee third year for me plus am mega excited at catching up with beautiful bloggers like YOU Cam since I've slipped under the radar these last months. Kat's doing a sensaish job as are you. I'll sort something out for a giveaway soon. Hugs, Hugs, Hugs to YOU My Sweet.XO.

nicole kane said...

happy blogtoberfest!

kylie said...

Festivalled! Excellent...I love people who add new words to my vocab, particularly those that are so imaginative! Have just added a giveaway to your list. Soooo exciting!

The Creative Beast said...

I'm so excited about this years Blogtoberfest and love the blog badge you created Cam - it is truly fabulous!

Trudy said...

Hi, I'm joining Blogtoberfest for the first time (started blogging last December) but wanted to pop in to say what a gorgeous badge you designed for Blogtoberfest!! Love it.