Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The Top

When Nikki put a call out last week to pattern test her latest amazing creation, I had my hand up very high in the air madly waving back and forth.

Photo Courtesy You Sew Girl

The Bottom

It was the perfect little project to keep me entertained on a Thursday night.

I didn't have a keyring that was quite large enough in the stash, so I substituted an oblong ring and small keyring.

The Inside

The inside contains this little hidden pocket that holds a USB stick....

... and can I tell you, the method for making this little opening for the USB plug is INGENIOUS (yes I am SHOUTING because it's so good).

I don't know how many times I've scratched my head trying to work out how to do things like this. I have soooooo much still to learn.

Anyway, the thing that I love about this project is that I was able to make it with a few scraps of my Spring Bouquet fabric.

Just through making different fabric choices, you can make them to suit tweens, teens, adults, anyone really, and you don't even have to wait for the pattern as it's a downloadable! Gotta love modern technology.

You Sew Girl USB Key Fob Pattern


Busy Little Chicken said...

Looks like a good thing to make!! Will download that tomorrow!! It's late on 23rd still here, so I'm off to bed!! Am not going to be able to make Blogtoberfest until 31st as I'm away, but I still have my give away on, and it will be drawn when I get back!!

Nikki said...

It looks fab in CUrlypops fabric! Thanks for testing AND blogging it.

jennie said...

Brilliant! Looks great Cam!

Tanya said...

what a clever little pattern!

kylie said...

Just downloaded a copy. Can't wait to test it out. I recently got some little swivel clips to make key fobs with, but I loved this idea more...yay!

Your blog posts have become dangerous...they're making me buy things...not that you had to twist my arm very much. ;)