Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Making Space and Clearing Out

There comes a time, where I need to let go and have a clear out to make some space around here.

So, there'll be lots of lovely things added to the shop at clearance prices.

Including Flex Frames... so that you can make your very own snappy purses and pouches. These are available as singles or packs of five.

And you can even buy small and large versions of my Mini Craft Panels for your pouches (or any other crafty endevour your heart desires)!

Stay tuned for more bargains!

PS - forgot to mention - there's a great tute at Crafty Ady for making pouches - there's a PDF link on the left hand sidebar over there. 

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Julian Woodard said...

Do you have any online store, where I can see your all products...