Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Snippets

Fresh from the set of Puberty Blues


The B-Fabulous Hen
The B-Fabulous Hens Party

Sunday Brunch Baconpalooza Style

Found in a tin of old buttons

Polly Pratt Pop-Up Shop Preparations (say that five times fast)

A little visitor

Sunday Snippets with Tinniegirl


Carly Findlay said...

I love that Puberty Blues outfit. Love! Looks like fun times :)

jennie said...

Love your outfit Cam!
And hope you guys had a fab night for B!XX

Hosneara Begum said...

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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

that top looks great on you :)

Melissa G said...

I like the orange combo in your outfit.
An awesome find in that button tin.
Oh! And those wonderful colours and pictures in your work. Those cassette tapes took me to a happy place in my childhood [Dirty Dancing soundtrack, Kylie Minogue's first album].

annie said...

Your PB outfit is very groovy!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

So many colourful details! Playful snippets, way cool.

Anonymous said...

Your outfit is cute! I think I need to find a new old-button source - my jars never have finds like that! And the embroidery looks lovely, might have to dig mine out this week I think.