Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I'm hoping this bag is manly..

It's for some lovely gentlemen who are Meals on Wheels volunteers.  They're currently using a womens handbag as that's all they had.

It was so hard to resist adding any colour (hence the red strap and red topstitching), but I think I exercised restraint.

I made a really long adjustable strap so that it will suit all different sizes, and added a zip closure to the top, and a zip pocket to the front so that nothing falls out.

It's large enough to fit an A4 sized book, so there should be plenty of room for everything that the volunteers need while they're out delivering meals.

My sister is surprising them with it today so I hope they like it!


Tracy VT said...

Definately a bloke's bag! the Year 8 boys in my class thought it was a winner! Another terrific job!

Tanya said...

I like how you've attached the straps to either side! clever.

Michelle said...

For a girly pink loving girl like yourself, you do manly exceedingly well. Scott still says that the sunglass case you made him is the best sunglass case ever. And he's such a fussy bugger.

The manbag is fantastically manly. Love it.

Amy Grant said...

Very Manly. I'm sure they will love it.

nicole kane said...

tres manly!
what a lovely gesture too!

Chiara Z said...

I'll add my vote for definitely manly and marvelously energised. I hope the blokes are very happy.

Bron said...

I think it will be perfect for any one that has to string it over their shoulder. xx

Miss Prudence said...

these will be successful man bags!

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