Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oh What a Night - Part Two

After the excitement of the exhibition opening, we headed off to one of the local pubs in Ballarat for dinner.

It was a really hot and balmy Friday night, so the pub was quite packed inside and out.... and then the heavens opened.

Not long after the storm and torrential rain hit, the downlights went out, and water started pouring through them onto tables, and the kitchen was flooded. Thank goodness we still managed to get our dinner (because of course, we were just thinking about food)!

Then my sister received an emergency SMS from the SES to expect flash flooding in Clunes.... which unfortunately was our cue to leave and get back home before any of the roads were cut off.
The creek which keeps flooding runs along where those new trees have been planted

So after driving at snails pace through the storm, we were about five kilometres from home, and the rain suddenly stopped.

We decided to sit on the verandah, drink hot milo, listen to the radio, and wait and watch the creek.

Around midnight, the CFA went into action delivering sand, checking water levels and doorknocking the low lying houses and business owners from the main street, warning them of an impending flood (which would have been the third one in 6 months). There were house lights on, torches in backyards, and a few cars being loaded with posessions.

At 1 AM we decided to give up on Operation Creek Watch and go to bed.

The water must have peaked some time early in the morning, because thankfully the creek didn't break the banks this time, and water levels slowly subsided throughout Sunday.

To celebrate the Non-flood event, we headed off down the main street for some brekkie.

I thought it was very cute that this little doggie had his very own rather nice retro couch out the front.

I had yummy sour dough toast with quince paste and raspberry jam.

We headed off down the main street for a little spot of shopping. There's a lovely shop in the old State Bank Building which has a mix of vintage and new goodies. I found myself a couple of lovely vintage tablecloths.

They also have a great photo board with pics from when the Ned Kelly film was shot there a few years ago (including photos of Heath Ledger). It was really interesting to see.

Unfortunately a couple of the second hand shops weren't open, but that just means I'll have to get back there soon for another shopping trip!


Jodie said...

It was a titanic-esque dinner ! So great to see you again Cam, I hope the exhibition goes well.

Cate said...

I love that the water is pouring in through the now-deceased down lights and your wondering when the dinner will arrive!! You crack me up!!
PS: love the doggie :-)

Michelle said...

How much excitement is that! Gosh - glad the creek didn't break it's banks though.

And how much am I lusting after that receptacle for the quince paste ... mmmm..

Naturally Carol said...

Quite amazing that the restaurant wasn't waterproof! No wonder you had enough adventures for two posts though...if this type of thing keeps happening you'll be here for the next ten xxx

Nikki said...

Your flowers are STUNNING, Cam. Love them. And boy what an eventful night!!

willywagtail said...

It sounds like you had a memorable weekend. I'm rather jealous of the sound of hot milo on the verandah and sourdough bread for brekkie. Yummo! Great that the creek didn't overflow. There natural disasters in Oz just keep on coming right now. Cherrie
PS Your flowers would bring cheer to anyones home.

Jennifer Rose said...

love how the dog has its own couch :D looks comfy
that red glass/silver container is gorgeous!

Margaret said...

Enjoyable post , loved all that eating , and creek flood watchers !! sounds like those wo race after hurricanes and volcano flows.

willywagtail said...

Just read your comment over at Pottymoutmammas. So hope you can get over your tiredness and find a little more spring in your step. You are inspiration to all but kuddos to you that you do it even with so much sickness. Cherrie

Grace Garton said...

It's when I read your posts I start to miss living in Victoria. Congratulations on the exhibition, your flowers are stunning!
And I can see your attraction to 'Dorothy Grows Up'
Off to make some blue berry scones!

michelle said...

love a good non flood celebration. so glad it didn't come to soggy muddiness