Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Suave - Part Three

So today was the big day - Moo Moo's 4th Birthday.

When I arrived, he was busy riding his brand new Ben 10 bike, so little Zaney helped me to carry the pressie (and my handbag).

There was a flurry of excitement to open the pressie (note to self: tissue paper is a really bad idea as it tears up into tiny little pieces that end up everywhere).

The birthday boy was far too engrossed in his new Nano Bug game to do any modelling shots for me. I'm not so sure that a fedora, vest, and boardies are a good look anyway!

Noah wanted to join in with the modelling action too.

There was a yummy barbecue dinner and bithday cake of course.

Storybook - Where's Chicken

I'd forgotten to make a birthday card, so luckily the wee girl came to the rescue yesterday. She designed all of her pieces for Moo Moo with a chicken theme - there was a chicken birthday card, a chicken jigsaw, an illustrated storybook, and a huge Pin the Beak on the Chicken game (including detachable beaks and blu-tack).

He has another birthday party on Saturday with all of his little kinder friends.... if only all our birthday parties could last for a week!


Nikki said...

The wee girl will be thrilled to hear that the chicken-themed designs made it to the party!!

Cathie said...

happy birthday Moo Moo! lucky stylish little man! chicken designer cards & gifts and with a "rad" birthday cake.

hope he had a great day. well done on the new stylish threads ♥

Fiona said...

Fedora and board shorts- he's one cool dude!!

Ady said...

Love the fedora and board shorts look!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Yep, a very cool little dude.

I just love the wee one's drawings. I was just commenting to Nikki the other day about how everytime I see my "Super Snail" drawing she gave me when I met her it makes me smile. I love that she stuck with a theme and even made a Pin the Beak on the Chicken game!

Sandrine said...

IT is just really nice to see their excitement opening the presents!So cute.Happy birthday Moo moo :)