Thursday, July 7, 2011

Featured Hottie Number 29

hottie front

I was completely amazed when Tracey from Mistea Crafts bought her beautiful hottie along to NCB.

This has all been crocheted with a really really small ply yarn. I've tried to crochet on numerous occassions and failed miserably, so I'm always fascinated seeing things like this.

hottie back

I can only imagine how many hours this would have taken.... I wonder if Tracey would be interested in whipping me up a crocheted tunic dress?

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Jacqui said...

What beautiful work Tracey - I'm awestruck!

Adriana said...

Beautiful work!

Naturally Carol said...

Hi'd have to make yourself a tunic to go under it as fill in the holes! Lovely the mouses from yesterday too..I could do with a campfire this morning as well.