Sunday, July 10, 2011

Featured Hottie Number 33


I thought I'd give you all a bit of sparkle and bling to brighten up a Sunday afternoon by featuring this beautiful piece of Hottie art by Linda at Two Pink Possums.


It's great to see such completely different methods used to make a hottie.


Linda's daughter Bel decided to join in the fun too, and made this lovely hottie featuring a character that she designed herself, and then created using felt.

How wonderful to see the crafty genes carrying on into the next generation!

Thankyou crafty girls!

The homepage of The Hottie Challenge - lots more in the Hottie Flickr Group and the Hottie Exhibition Group


Unknown said...

I love how "outside of the box" this one is. So creative!

Wombat's Picnic said...

This was my daughters favorite! Cyndy