Sunday, July 17, 2011

Featured Hottie Number 39


Soft and snuggly..... that's all I can think of when I see this lovely Hottie by Bron from Krafty Kuka.
This would be perfect for my date with the tv and the couch today!


Oh, and check out the little chilli, for a bit of extra hotness. Perfect!

Thanks so much Bron!

There's officially only one week left to go for the exhibition, so make sure you get your skates on and go and visit Open Drawer while you can!

The homepage of The Hottie Challenge - lots more in the Hottie Flickr Group and the Hottie Exhibition Group


Michelle said...

Looks so warm and snuggly. Just what I need right now, actually!

Mistea said...

You're right it looks perfectly snuggly and warm. Now if I could just have it to warm my toes it would be a perfect Sunday afternoon.
Hope you're cosy.