Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Dad Flat Cap

My Dads birthday is coming up very soon.

Ever since I can remember, he's always worn this style of Flat Cap, but I'm quite sure he's never ever had a version that was handmade.

I chose some random wool blend from the stash for the outer cap, and my Linear Design fabric for the inner cap.

I love this one even better than the one that I made for myself a few weeks ago.

If you can sew around a curve, then you can definitely have a go at this, and it's an instant download!


tash @ Little Bit of Thyme said...

That hat is gorgeous! well done!



Chiara Z said...

I love the combination of fabrics--classic grey on the outside and personality plus on the inside. I hope your Dad really loves it.

simplestitches said...

that is a very special gift.