Saturday, January 26, 2013

Putting together a collection

I thought long and hard about the latest fabric designs that I added to my collection.

I'm always full of ideas, and I'm very quick to start something new before I've finished working on the previous lot.

So this is now the first time that I've designed a proper collection of co-ordinated prints, and it has just happened at the perfect time to fall into line with what I'm learning in Module 2 of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design.

The whole look is busy and bright and colourful, which is just the way I like it. I hope you do too!


Swirlyarts said...

It's lovely and so very you :)

JaBCreations said...

Very Cool. My faves are the scallops and the summer floral.

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

They are fabulous Cam! Especially Summer floral. The Life Savers are WAY cool too.

mel @ loved handmade said...

I love it! I especially love the mix tape, clever ..x

Melody said...

I love bright colours and this collection is no exception. Awesome.

Nikki said...

Wow! Great work, Cam!

Michelle said...

I think it's all very "Cam"! Love the collection, and I can't wait to get my hands on that lifesavers one in particular!

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Kate Quilts said...

They're fabulous. Always knew if you did a collection it would be. :)

willywagtail said...

What a happy palette. I particularly love the floral one but that's just because I am a flwer person. The right bottom reminds me everytime of an old skirt of my daughters that is in my material cupboard. I must get it out one day and see how their stripes match with yours. It reminds me of it but definitely not in your colourways. Cherrie