Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Snippets

It's Sunday isn't it? I'm still in holiday mode... forgettting which day is what!

I'm dogsitting at the moment... I swear she's Mr Limpy Houdini Dog's secret illegitimate love child.

From Michelle

Are you sensing a bit of theme to my week too?

Sunday Snippets with Tinniegirl


Unknown said...

Are they 2 1/2 inch hexies? I'm after papers for them. Any recommendations or techniques. I've never used glue in the past, I gues it speeds things up??

Chiara Z said...

Gorgeous! How does Mr Limpy Houdini Dog cope with sharing his human and his space?

Kate said...

What a cutie! We're also babysitting a Houdini dog...darn thing keeps climbing over the back gate!!

Miss said...

Wow - you are on fire in the sewing and creating departments!

Curious - do you trace all your sewing patterns? Is it so you can make adjustments? Always interested in what other sewers do... especially if it's good habits I should get into!

Melody said...

Since following your hexies on Instagram I am very intrigued and keen to know exactly how you do it. Can I get the hexie's from Spotty? I want to give it a go.

Jennifer Rose said...

mini houdini! looks like he is a bit of a thief :p

CurlyPops said...

Hi Miss - couldn't find your email to reply.
Most patterns are multisized, so I think it's fairly common to just trace off the size that you need, because if you cut the original pattern, you'll no longer have access to all the sizes.
But, it's also very handy when you're making changes to get the fit right - you can trace multiple copies and keep adjusting until it's just perfect!