Friday, June 13, 2008

Bighearted Big Cat!

I've been rambling on about knitting a bit lately, after learning how to knit at Brown Owls.
The lovely and very generous Cathy from Big Cats Emporium emailed me last week to see whether I would like some yarn that she wasn't going to use, so that I could use it for my new found knitting prowess! Isn't that amazing and kind and generous.....

Look at the haul that she sent (and in gorgeous bright colours too)! She also included some gorgeous little badges which I think I will use on a handbag. My nephew has already requested that I knit him a scarf so I think I might try the shades of blue and green for him.

I might try a skinny scarf for me with the orange and red and yellow. I've nearly finished my knobbly scarf....I just need to cast off (I wasn't listening to Aunty Pat when she was teaching that bit, so I'll have to get out the instructions), and I want to add some tassels at the ends and then I'll start on a new one.

Thankyou so much Cathy, you made my day (and saved me from the evil clutches of my shopping addictions at Spotlight)!


meet me at mikes. a happy place for crafty types said...

What a nice friend you have! and to think you met on the blogs!

BigCat said...

Thanks Cam. I was happy to share it. One crafty gals trash is another's treasure. I'm pretty addicted to buying wool myself so I hope I haven't spoiled any shopping plans.

I think the badges with the giraffes on them might be buttons. They came from the stash I won from Georgie Love. I thought you would definitely use them in your sewing.

I love casting off. It's a great feeling.

Shellbells said...

lucky you my dear cant wait to see what becomes of it all...have a great weekend


mill said...

What fab colours! There's nothing like a bright scarf to cheer you up on a grey winter morning :)