Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lino Love and Blogging and Giveaways

Head on over and check out the Betty Jo blog to see Liz's new creations that she has made using the lino that I sent her..........

.....then head on over to Drewzel and read a very thought provoking blogging post by Steph.

....and then enter the fabulous 100th post giveaway from Michelle at Leni and Rose

Ok, I'm going to stop telling you what to do now (I can be very bossy sometimes)!


meet me at mikes. a happy place for crafty types said...

Look at you go! Miss Link de Link! Love your work! You are a really thoughtful blogger!!!!

BigCat said...

Been to Betty Jo and seen the lino work - nice!

Read the post by Steph - I agree it's a beauty.

Signed up for the 100th post giveaway from Leni and Rose - fingers crossed.

Yes, Ms Curlypops. I will brush my teeth and get ready for bed :)

Kirsty said...

Bossy is good - it gets people going.

crafty things said...

Thanks for sharing the links. A very delightful mixed bag of places to visit for different reasons - not bossy at all.