Wednesday, June 18, 2008

On My Desk.......on a Wednesday

There is a complete lack of crafting action On My Desk today.....

My sewing desk looks exactly the same as it did last week .... I just put Moo Moo down for a sleep in my sewing / spare room ...... I can hear him chattering away to himself instead of sleeping!

The kitchen bench / craft desk has seen some kiddie crafting action this week. My nephew has been using my 'Things to make and Do' book and cutting up lots of pieces of coloured paper. I caught him using my rotary cutter last night to cut paper.....aaagggghhhhhh!
I'll be hiding that while he's at school today before he cuts his fingers off.
For more On My Desk action, go check out Kirsty's blog!


JustJess said...

You are an AMAZING aunty helping with the kids! I think that any crafting, even with the kids is great! Also, what a generous stash you sent Cath! You are a busy crafter!

Sherrin said...

lol - at first I thought you had posted last weeks desk! No wonder your desk looks pretty much the same though- you have been VERY busy. It looks like you've been doing lovely stuff with the boys in the kitchen thugh. I loved making paper lanterns when I was their age. :o)

Kirsty said...

Yep those rotary cutters are lethal weapons! But the main concern is he'll make it blunt if he uses it on paper.

BigCat said...

That kiddie craft looks like a lot of fun. And I notice that the Orange wool is gone from your kitchen craft space so something is definitely happening.