Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Last Minute Sewing

I suddenly remembered lastnight that I'd promised my sister-in-law that I would make a gift for her to give to a friend who is expecting a little girl later this week.
I quickly whipped up these three bibs in record time.....I probably should have ironed them before taking a photo but they have now left the building so it was too late!

For anyone who wants to start a craft blog or is new to a craft blog, or even if you just want some handy hints, head on over to Pips Blog and Michelles Blog.....

From Pip: Meet Me at Mikes

How to start a craft blog
How to market your craft blog
How to make your blog look cuter (I'm still working on this one!)
How to have nice blog manners

From Michelle: Leni & Rose

Tips & Tricks 1 - Who links to your blog (I used this one)
Tips & Tricks 2 - Enlarge your photos (I haven't tried it yet but I will)
Tips & Tricks 3 - The comments window (Used this thismorning)

Happy Blogging!


Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Cute bibs! Love the fabrics! Thanks for the links too. I love Leni and Rose's tips, and now will have to check out the other one too.

Sherrin said...

very cute bibs! sweet fabrics.

BigCat said...

You are just such a clever crafty girl. Your knitting looks great too by the way.

Kirsty said...

Great job on the bibs Cam & those tipster girls are doing a wonderful job.

Leni & Rose said...

Glad you're finding my tips helpful! And you are so the queen of bibs - all the ones you have quickly whipped up are so great and I love the fabric a lot!

Shellbells said...

Nice to see the comment above^^^^. thanks for the tips and links..has helped me heaps..

one little acorn said...

Thanks for the tips... Already knew about Leni and Rose, I will have to head over and have a look at Pips.
Nice bibs too... gorgeous fabrics.

Beth J said...

Hey there! Those bibs are cute as! Funny you should post about them because bibs have been on my mind this weekend. Are they hard to make? Is there a pattern you recommend or do you just sort of wing it? I don't have any kids and don't really know about bibs, but I keep seeing nifty little homemade bibs about and thinking they'd be useful for friends of mine. I especially like that spotty fabric you used. Great stuff!

Danielle said...

I am loving this pop up comment window... and your bibs are gorgeous. I couldn't agree more about Pip and Michelle's posts. I have found them very helpful.

Bec said...

Oooh, these are gorgeous. I LOVE the fabrics you've chosen! Yes I've also been soaking up all the great blog info out there - between those two blogs they have covered a fantastic amount of great bloggy info :)