Sunday, January 25, 2009

Eye Spy....something beginning with J

I wandered around the house looking for something beginning with J, but with all of the clutter underfoot, it was a little hard to find.

So I'm going with this: Eye Spy with my little eye..... lots of JUNK.

I have boxes of junk that haven't been unpacked since I moved into this house over 6 years ago. I have more boxes of junk from when I packed up the old kitchen to renovate two and a half years ago..... and then there's my tendencies to bring home even more junk from the oppy, or from the hard rubbish.

I'm hoping to do a little de-junking very very soon!

Head on over to visit Cindy for more Eye Spy players (and while you're there, check out her whizz bang binding foot.....eeeek I'm in love). Thankyou Lauren for making me see the error of my junk collecting ways..... ha, we'll see how long that lasts!


Bek said...

Nothing like moving to encourage a clean out. Good luck with the move!

Liesl said...

Oooooh, this sounds awfully familiar. You could perform an archeological dig through the boxes at my place ... maybe even carbon dating each layer! Good luck with the de-junking!!

Lauren said...

hmmm...yes...I have a similar junk pile at my house! Thanks for playing!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the unpacked boxes! We have finally almost gotten through the last of the boxes from our move -- which was ummmmseveralyearsago. Hopefully we'll never let it happen again, but it's hard!