Saturday, January 31, 2009

Just a January (just made it)!

January is about to end, so I've just made it in time for Just A Minute........

I had a lovely day out at Sewjourn today (photos haven't been downloaded yet), so tomorrow I'm going to sleep in, and then read lots of blog posts that I've missed during the heatwave, and just generally relax!


I'm halfway through the follow up to Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs - Knit Two.
I've just borrowed some magazines and books from Tinniegirl - I'm really looking forward to reading 'Organising Your Craft Space'.... just what I need before I move house.


I loved watching Jalena Dokic in the Aussie Open. There's something about the fighting spirit from the underdog which I find amazing.
I'm also extremely happy that The Bold & The Beautiful has returned to its traditional time slot of 4.30PM. I always have a cup of tea at 4.30 and watch Bold.... I was very upset when channel 10 put my routine out of kilter!


Lots and lots and lots of chocolate..... vanilla slice, pavlova. There was also some real food during the month although not as memorable.


Stock for a market stall!
Valentines themed softie for a Toy Society Valentines drop next month.

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Missie Krissie said...

Little bit worried about you now Cam. Bold and the Beautiful is not something I had imagined you being involved with! lol

Ulla said...

I'm reading the Friday Night Knitting Club right now; glad to hear there is a part two!

Liesl said...

The lots of chocolate, vanilla slice and pavlova make it sound like a pretty good month!

Barbara said...

Adorable hearts! At least organizing the craft space will make it easier to box things up for the move and to unpack later :)

I loved this so I joined in as well.

bec said...

Do you record B&B if you are going to miss it? I have a friend that does, even if she's home with the kids, so she can rewatch it in peace!
I also like friday Night Knitting Club, just finished another one of hers, Comfort Food, I hated it! (Strong word, but I did). Will look for the next knitting one, I think she should stick to knitting books!

Christie said...

Yep, so glad bold is back on at 4.30, I can't watch it at 6pm!!

Cass said...

I just finished that Knit Two book, I loved it and had a good cry

Taccolina said...

I heart those hearts!

Hey - word verification is dedsille. Is it saying you're Dead silly? I would have words with Blogger if I were you.