Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Handmade Help

Just a reminder that 50% of all sales from The CurlyPops Shop will be donated to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal.

Thankyou so much to the two lovely generous girls who made purchases today.

Head on over to check out the Handmade Help blog (thanks Cindy & Pip) for lots of crafty auctions and ways to help....

I also forgot to mention yesterday that if you have books that can be donated, Juddie is organising a collection. Head on over to Flightless Boyds or email - juddie1 (at) optusnet (dot) com (au)

The Toy Society is also still collecting handmade toys.... so keep sewing and stuffing!

Head on over to Nikki's You Sew Girl blog for details of her sewing bee this (EDIT) Saturday. It's a lovely way to get together with like minded people for a lovely day out, while helping at the same time.


Anonymous said...

You all are in my prayers.
I would love to be able to send something, however from the USA it would be so expenseive. I have send money to the Au.Red Cross. I feel you will be able to have more help this way.
Sending Blessings to you

Beth said...

You're so wonderful Curlypops! And hte orange fabric on the bag is just gorgeous.

Lou said...

Great idea for donations. All so sad.

Also, have tagged you for a blog game - see my blog for details. Lou.