Friday, February 13, 2009

Love Fridays...

Today I'm Lovin' Friday as I received an amazing package in the mail from Jess at Button Beauty.

I've had knitted washcloths on my 'I want to make' list forever.... I just never actually got around to it. Now I have these gorgeous washcloths (in my absolute favourite colours), and they're so soft and lovely.

There were also some fab vintage tea towels and hankies, a vintage pattern book, and some wonderful crafty bits and bobs that I can incorporate into my crafty creations. Thanks so much Jess.

I'm also lovin' all the updates over at Handmade Help..... so many crafty bargains for a great cause..... I just wish I could buy them all!

Check out the home of Love Fridays over here at Tinniegirl.


JuliaB said...

ooh you lucky thing! I posted about knitted washcloths yesterday! I am going to make some - there is a link to a pattern on my blog if you fancy trying it too. xx

Lou said...

You get lots of lovely little parcels at your house! I wonder if I could knit those - I'm not much of a knitter but I presume they are square or rectangular.

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

They look gorgeous. What a great package to receive.

flossy-p said...

The bushfire listings are flying through so fast, it's amazing! I didn't even have time to let you and Handmade Help know about my listing before it got sold. Never mind, it's a very good thing.

Can you believe the Red Cross tally at the moment?!!!

p.s. your knitted washcloths are gorgeous!

JustJess said...

Glad it all arrived safely. The top one is knitted - it has a sort of pattern of a tea cup and 'tea' on it. The orange one is 100% bamboo, so is softer - perfect for a facecloth. Thanks again for the apron - it makes me giggle!!