Sunday, February 1, 2009

Eye Spy.... a small object

The theme was a bit challenging for my frazzled brain today. I couldn't seem to SPY anything small, as most of the little fancy things have been packed away for the move.

But then I remembered that I hadn't packed up my little inspiration shelves in the spare room. I have these little objects sitting side by side.... Mini Collage by Tinniegirl and Walter the Birdy by Ric-Rac

As you can see, the shelves were not really installed to the appropriate measurements.... postcards only fit sideways! I'll be making myself a wonderful inspirational wall when I move (where my inspirations can live right way up)..... I get a bit dizzy looking at them sideways.

Thanks to the Crafty Librarian for this weeks theme and head on over to Bug and Pop to play along.


Sasparilla Sue said...

I love your inspiration's a great idea, even if you have to turn some of them sideways.

Cindy said...

I love Miss Tinnie's collage!
Can't wait to see the new craft mecca!

Libby said...

Very cute small stuff, good luck with all your packing.

JuliaB said...

What a wonderful idea! I might have to get some of those shelves myself!! x

flossy-p said...

It's so nice to see people's inspiration collections. Even if they are sideways :D