Monday, April 13, 2009

Love Handmade Jewellery

I've realised lately that I have a passion (some may say addiction) for handmade jewellery.
I have a huge array from casual and funky, to formal and dressy, but I absolutely love all of it!

Usually the most difficult question I ask myself each morning is "Which pieces of jewellery shall I wear with my outfit"?

Following my passion, I bought myself a pair of these beautiful Belle earrings from Sharon at Handmaiden. They're a lovely silvery grey, perfect for an occassion where I need to dress up.

Sharon has just launched her Etsy store this weekend where you can find all of her beautiful creations.

I've also been coveting the lovely jewellery creations of Lauren Williams for quite a while now.

I was lucky enough to do a swap with Lauren and I received this gorgeous necklace and matching ring. The necklace pendant can be taken off and then it doubles as a brooch. Yah for multifunctional jewellery!

Lauren has a Made It shop full of lovely creations to check out.

Now..... I need to decide what to wear today!


manda said...

I love handmade jewellery too! I've recently made a blue button bracelet for a swap and I really hope my partner likes it! Drats! Should have taken a photo... oh well.
I like taking earrings and turning them into other things, as my ears aren't peirced and never will be. I often customize necklaces and rings so that they're perfect for me too. I love going to op-shops and buying the just-one-earrings, then changing them into other things. Try it yourself!!!

Two Peas In a Pod said...

You always find great stuff. Etsy is such a great treasure for all kinds of neat things. Love those earrings. Cheers Kyla and Blake

Nikki said...

Just visited Lauren's site... her stuff is amazing...
I love the necklace you got as a swap. It is beautiful.

Liesl said...

Beautiful bling you have there!

Lauren's jewellry is amazing. That print is so striking. And I love Sharon's earrings. So much so, that I'm pretty sure that I have an identical pair!

Lauren said...

Thanks Cam. So happy you like it!

handmaiden said...

thanks for the lovely link Cam, so glad u like yr earrings and yes Liesl has a pair too.....have a great week and think I will see u at sisters market this week