Monday, November 29, 2010

The travelling adventures of Flat Ted

 The view from the gold mining monument in Clunes

A little visitor arrived in my mailbox last week. I think his real name is Travelling Teddy Bear, but I like to call him Flat Ted.

Flat Ted originated in a primary school class in the US, but he's been having some wonderful adventures all over the world, and sending postcards back home.

So after visiting Disneyland in Paris on his most recent worldwide adventure.......

..... I took him to Clunes for the weekend!

Okay, so Widow Twankeys probably doesn't rate very highly when compared to Frontierland.

But, he did get to indulge in a little Devonshire Tea.

Flat Ted is heading off to visit a lovely family in the Land of the Long White Cloud this week.

Farewell Flat Ted, it was fun while it lasted!


PaisleyJade said...

haha - the kids will be super excited to meet him!!

willywagtail said...

Love that view in Clunes. It almost has an English feel to it. Cherrie

The Essess said...

The church photo turned out well!!!
Flat Ted had a great time in Clunes and enjoyed his scones! Plus he got a tour of the town and a quick history lesson...!

Swirlyarts said...

Looks like he had a nice time - bet it was warmer than Disneyland Paris too :)

Zane Wooder said...

Flat Ted really gets around in the world.

-Zane of ontario honey