Friday, September 9, 2011

Be Still My Beating Cheating Heart Skirt

Panel is off centre on purpose (just in case you were wondering)

I know I promised some behind the scenes printing photos today, but I just can't resist showing you the skirt that I whipped up yesterday!

It's a total Cheaty McCheaterson skirt which was really easy to make.

Of course, I must preface this by warning you that I assumed that this would be less time consuming than making a skirt from scratch. Ha! I was completely wrong.

Also, if you really really don't like unpicking, then this is most definitely NOT the project for you.

I'm kicking myself that I didn't take a before photo, but this was originally a plain corduroy skirt that I bought from the oppy well over a year ago. It was on the $1 rack as it was missing a button at the back, and at that stage it wasn't my size, but I bought it just for the fabric.

Fast forward a year and add a few kilos and voila - it fits!

It was soooo plain, and it had no pockets, so it was never ever going to be worn.... until now.

I unpicked the bottom hem, side seams and the facing, and separated the back and front halves. I then cut a section out of the front half and inserted a lovely panel of my Go Granny fabric

I then added the pocket pieces to the both halves of the skirt and sewed all the pieces back together again.

I even worked out how to top-stitch the pockets this time so that they sit nicely (happy dance).

I'm just wishing that I could wear it today... but it's not really appropriate for the gym. Maybe tomorrow!


Andi said...

You wont be at the gym all day will you?
Pop it on when you get home as a treat!!

Cathie said...

nice one Cam! love that panel & those cheeky peekaboo pockets!

and you are going to the gym, yay!
now to get myself motivated...pffff

happy day lovely lady ♥

Naturally Carol said...

Lovely pockets! Nifty skirt! Have a great weekend, Cam.

Margaret said...

Looking good!

Lyndel said...

lovely. and with the variety of colours in the new fabric, you can mix with so many! yay. have a wonderful weekend.

KH said... the granny square fabric! Well done on the skirt, the pockets are really sweet.

Miss Amy said...

Ooo I really like it! I love your pockets too. I made a pair of a well worn and sewn pants pattern here and added a pocket which is sitting wrong, I might unpick and try again tomorrow when I have a day off. you have given be a bit of inspiration... :)

~ Kim ~ said...

Looks awesome. Well done.

Deanne said...

i am totally loving this fabric :) x

Unknown said...

Its gorgeous, what a transformation (even though there isn't the before photo, we can imagine!) I'd wear this all the time!

Anna Bartlett said...

Now that is seriously cool. You'll be wearing it tomorrow, I hope! I am trying to make something for me to wear (from my own fabric) to my opening on Sunday - but I think I'm being a bit over zealous. Now I'm thinking maybe I can just add to something I already have... off to the wardrobe...

Michelle said...

Aren't I the lucky one to have seen this amazing skirt in person!!!

Mistea said...

Great makeover - skirt sure has a whole new personality now.
Enjoy wearing it when the sun comes out.