Monday, September 5, 2011

The Technicolour Chook Strikes Back

Well it seems like an eon ago, but today the technicolour chook is finally making a return.

He's been waiting in the wings (very bad pun intended) for the loooooongest time.

You see, after Vic drew him for me waaaaaay back in March, I ordered a fabric version, with the intention of making my mum a cushion for Mothers Day.

I waited and I waited and I waited...... and after about 8 weeks, he arrived. Two whole weeks after Mothers Day.

Never one to be defeated, I hatched (another very bad pun intended) an alternative plan to make him into a cushion for my mums birthday (which is today).

Somewhere between mid-May and last week, he got completely lost in the fabric jungle known as 'my stash'.

But then luckily on Friday, I had a massive clean up and he magically re-appeared.

Talk about perfect timing...

Original Chook Drawing courtesy of Vic
Green Spotty fabric courtesy of Liz
Perfectly sized zip in Tomato Sauce Red courtesy of the Op Shop Gods
Happy Birthday Mum


Michelle said...

Glad he turned up! He looks perfect perched there in the middle. Great cushion, Cam!

Shells said...

So cute. :D

Anna Bartlett said...

Cute chooky, Chooky!

Vic said...

Happy happy Birthday Cam's Mum!

Tania said...

Lady, you have perfected the Art of the Bad Pun. (and Chook Cushion).

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Cam..I do like your chooky cushion. Good chook, fine fabric and super duper tomato red zip! I like the way you've made the zip a feature on the back. I also love your doggy pics from Sunday.

Swirlyarts said...

Oh fab! I do like me a chook!

Lyndel said...

ha ha, cute chook, and the tomato read zip is fine, I think the spots look like slices of boiled eggs (well maybe choc eggs too?) OK OK so I have not seen a red boiled egg, but the yellow ones do!!