Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The one where I pretend to be a Food Blogger

Do you know the best thing about eating out with another blogger?

They can whip out their iPhone to snap a pic just as quickly as you can, without blinking an eye! *30 seconds later it's on Instagram and Twitter.

I met up with Carly for lunch yesterday at Hidden Garden Cafe in Ascot Vale. We decided to share our meal so that we could also fit dessert (which was a great plan).

We had Pork Belly and Pineapple Tacos to begin. These were amazing! Tender pork with finely diced fresh pineapple - yummo. Oooh there's also Sweet Potato Fries in the background - delish!

We ordered two desserts, which given the serving sizes, was completely ridiculous.

We shared this Banana Burrito. It came with chocolate ice-cream, fairy floss and popping candy. Carly giggled the whole way through with the popping candy.

I couldn't even get through my half....

We also ordered this very yummy looking Peanut Butter Cup (also with fairy floss and popping candy). We have no idea what it tasted like as there's no way that there was any room left for more food (it didn't go to waste though).

It was the perfect prelude to sitting in to watch Carly practice her speech with some of her medical team at the hospital.  She'll be giving the same speech at the Centre for Appearance Research's Appearance Matters conference in Bristol (UK) the week after next.

*Carly even managed to write and publish this blog post while I was driving between the cafe and the hospital. That girl has skills!


Bron said...

Fairy floss and popping candy....what a super fun combination. xxx

Michelle said...


First you had me at "pork and pineapple". Then you got me at "sweet potato fries".

But then! Then you mention BANANA BURRITO. I just about fell off my chair in a foodblogger-induced coma.

There was only disapointment. Where was the bacon, woman?

Margaret said...

Yeah! well I thought the first photo looked like teased cotton wool --- reading on I thought wow what an amazing place . gotta go there is it close to public transport ??

Carly Findlay said...

Best lunch ever! I will eat my dessert after a work milestone - it is in my freezer. Thank you for coming to watch my speech - I really appreciate it!

Jody Pearl said...

Thanks Cam - it's now on the list of spots to visit in July!

Cathie said...

Michelle makes me laugh!
go you food blogger you, maybe you can write a few posts for my lonely little blog.