Friday, June 15, 2012

Sweet Cherry Tote

I've been busting to show you this sweet cherry tote.

It was a beautiful gift from Nikki when I joined the transplant waiting list last year.

Nikki based her styling on her mothers beauty case from the 60's.

It's a craft tote, but I've filled mine with all sorts of lovely pampering bathroom/spa products to take with me.

It's even more exciting as you can make your very own.

It's Project of the Month in this month's Australian Homespun Magazine .

All the project details that you need and where to buy the magazine are right here.


Margaret said...

Creative certainly , repurposing a pattern and in very nice cheery cherry fabric.

Nikki said...

..and let's hope that it sees some post-transplant pampering action very soon! xx

GerryART said...

Cheerie cherries

Bright and cheery


jennie said...

What a beautiful present!
I love the style of this.

renae said...

oh oh oh! I went looking for homespun this morning as i've been told this month is great. I couldn't find it though - must look harder because I want to make this!!

clare's craftroom said...

That is just beautiful ! I do hope it makes a trip to the hospital soon xx said...

Dear Curly Pops, I have been following and enjoying your blog for a quite while, and I would just like to say I admire your guts, determination, courage and drive.
So many in the face of adversity give up and give in, but you just keep smiling and going on.
Bravo, to you. I wish you every joy. Oh! and I forgot, just love your pouches and bags. I have these fabulous japanese fabrics and patterns, bought them about 5 years ago, and still to make the bags. Got caught up in painting and pottery and just can't tear myself away from them to sew. But love to read what all the lovely creative
ladies make. Annie

Tas said...

It is gorgeous, Cam. I am off to buy the downloadable version of the mag just for the pattern.

I echo Nikki's sentiments. Let's hope that it gets put through its intended paces very, very soon.

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Wow, it is stunning.
I hope it will be used very soon, fingers crossed for you. Cat xox

Kylie said...

It is lovely. I'm going to have to go and find this magazine. I don't know who I would make it for now but think it would make a lovely teenage gift filled with all things girly in years to come.
I love the fabrics.

Lisa M said...

I have been waiting for months for this issue of Homespun just for this pattern; Nikki is so clever. Wishing you a receive your phone call very soon and that any of your followers who haven't signed up to be organ donors, consider doing so. Also I would just like to say thankyou to any person who follows your blog if they have made the difficult decision to donate a loved ones organs in their darkest hour. God bless.

Miss Prudence said...

love love lovely!!!! I adore the shape and the pattern!

bec said...

Wow, it is gorgeous! At first I thought you were the pattern tester! I can't wait to make that, I have the mag all ready. Making City Shopper first, then this one. LOVE the cherries!