Friday, June 1, 2012

Made It (by the skin of my teeth) in May

I desperately wanted to get a second skirt finished for the Make It In May challenge, so of course, I procrastinated and left it literally 'til the last minute (I finished the bottom hem at around 7PM lastnight).

The pattern had been sitting on the kitchen bench for over two weeks just waiting to be traced and cut!

This is the Lisette Market Skirt (Simplicity 2211) in View A.

I found this black corduroy (which is really hard to photograph) in the stash. I'm pretty sure it was op shopped a while back.

There was only just enough for the skirt.

I made a couple of small changes - I omitted the tabs that sit along the waistline, and I added pockets instead. I figured that I didn't need to add both details as I wanted the skirt to be quite plain.

Those cute pleats at the front are mirrored at the back, and there's a side zip.

This skirt was really easy to make and would be cute for summer in a nice quilting weight fabric too!

This one's a keeper.

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Cathie said...

nice one! that's so cute Cam.

Jennie said...

Gorgeous Cam!
Love the fabric for winter too!x

teddybearswednesday said...

it's AWESOME Cam, and so are you!

Miss Muggins said...

super dooper cute!

anna said...

This skirt has a great shape and the pleats top it off.

Megan said...

It's going to go well with everything that one! I don't think I've owned anything in cord since I was in highschool...

Totally failed at my make it may skirt, I bought the fabric and that's as far as I got :(

Sarah said...

Ow I really like that skirt design...

Tas said...

That is a sweet skirt, Cam.

Well, I am a sew-along fail. Even though I had it cut out before it started. I will get there. I will. I will.

Just not in May.


Karen said...

I have this pattern and love the look of it - I must make it - yours looks fabulous Cam.