Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Snippets

I was a little quiet on the instagram front this week, but here's are my picks of the pics....

Central Heating Installation (thankfully those poor ducks are much warmer now)

Mulitpurpose Jenga


Closely followed by Chocolatepalooza

and Teatowelpalooza (thankyou Dianne)


Teatowel Tote WIP

Cutting new Fabric Sample Packs for the shop

Joining in with #pipsinstagramlookbook

Not sure if Tinniegirl is playing Sunday Snippets today, but I'm a creature of habit!


yardage girl said...

I really love the last pic Cam ~ it's very Ms Curlypops ~ you look fab!

yardage girl said...
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yardage girl said...

Sorry ~ posted the same comment twice!

Jennie said...

Loving all your palooza-ing!
And YAY for central heating!X

sister outlaws said...

That's not a mess...!

Dianne said...

If that's a mess then I have serious mess-envy. I can only dream of having a whole room to sew & make a "mess" in!
PS. So glad you liked the tea-towels!

Maxabella said...

Wow, I love that dress, Cam. And your duckies. But mostly your new central heating!!! x

Carly Findlay said...

That dress - amazing! Adore the colors!

Love the Jenga and my tote too. You continually amaze me x