Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nearly the end of the month...

The Make It In May Skirt Sew-Along has been lots of fun, and it's given me some much needed motivation (and a kick up the behind) to make some clothes for myself.

I know there are still some peeps who are working on their skirts, so I'll keep posting round ups as they come in.

Here are the ones that have made it before Pumpkin O'clock (ie. the deadline)!

Butterick skirt finished

Skirt 1

Butterick B4461 by Marina from Wink Designs. This is such a cool design - totally up my alley. Adding it to my 'I want this pattern' list in Evernote. PS - make sure you click over to check out Marina's new boots.


Skirt 2

Nikki's You Sew Girl A-Line skirt by Mousiemouse on Flickr. Love the embellishment that runs along the bottom, and there's another fantastic a-line skirt with doileys too!


 Skirt 3

This skirt has a very sweet story. Susie from Flowerpress is teaching her daughter to sew and this skirt is their first project together.

Skirt 4

Clothkits Trellick Skirt by Tania from Myrtle & Eunice. I know she loves a last minute challenge and she certainly didn't disappoint!

Skirt 5

An almost finished freestyle skirt by Nicole from Dabbling All Day. I'll re-visit this one soon.

Skirt 6

The second of Nikki's You Sew Girl A-Line skirts  this time by Liz from Arty Lady. The retro fabric is completely gorgeous and this version is also fab as is gives you a great comparison in how the shorter length gives a completely different look.

Thankyou so much ladies!

I managed to finish my second skirt before the deadline, but not in time to actually take any decent photos... so I'll have to save that for tomorrow.

If you've finished and I haven't added you to the linky list on the left hand sidebar, please email me to let me know.

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Annie said...

Great skirts curly pops, I've been following all the interest and fervor and even made a Nikki skirt but didn't sign up

Marina said...

Thank you for hosting (from me and my boots!). Have enjoyed joining in and seeing all the fabulous skirts....

Kathy said...

Thanks for hosting this May Challenge - I've had a ball! And I love popping over to see what everybody else has been making. I've finished my skirt - 3 days late I know!