Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Open Drawer

Photo courtesty of Open Drawer

I finished earlier than I'd expected on Monday, so with a free afternoon on my hands, I thought I'd take a little chance and head off on a road trip to Camberwell.

I'd been intrigued about Open Drawer ever since I found out about the Hottie Challenge.

It was lovely to meet Prue and Robyn who own the business, and find out a little bit more about why they chose to support The Margaret Pratt Foundation. They're both extremely passionate artists/crafters, and you can tell from the very first minute that they love what they do.

Photo courtesty of Open Drawer

I had a grand tour of the shop - the front section contains all of the beautiful handmade goodies (shoppers heaven), and the rear section contains the supplies (crafters heaven). There's also a lovely room where they run groups and classes, and another separate workroom with all of the sewing equipment.

Upstairs is the beautiful gallery space. I wandered around the exhibition for a while, chose some favourites, and lingered (as you do of course)....

The current exhibition named Transparency finishes at the end of this month. I wish that I'd noted down the artists name, but I fell in love with quite a few pieces that were made using textile techniques including cut up embroidered tablecloths and doilies.

Photo courtesty of Open Drawer

If you're in Camberwell, you most definitely should check it out at 1158 Toorak Rd ... there's also a great coffee shop just a couple of doors down, so you can make it a whole afternoon of fun!


Michelle said...

Sounds fantastic! I'll come and visit next time I'm in town for sure!

Rie said...

Ugh. I just moved from Camberwell to Hobart 2 weeks ago & never knew that place was there... bugger!

trudi@maudeandme said...

You guys in victoria seem to have all the great finds!

Miss Prudence said...

Well i might just going get me a little looks see!
PS hop on over to my blog I am having my first give away!

The Essess said...

Good to hear you went for a visit! Can't wait for my hottie to arrive in the mail.... I have a few creative ideas flowing...

Kylie said...

It looks amazing and I must say, I really love the drawers {open and closed} that appear in the first photo in your post. Divine.