Thursday, November 3, 2011

Little Shop Of... Re-stocked

I was supposed to re-stock Little Shop Of a couple of weeks ago.... but that call put a spanner in the works for a little while.

As soon as the sewjo returned, I got to work whipping up some brand new Vintage Fabric Sunnies/Specs Pouches. I'm happy to report that they're now in the shop and ready to be snapped up!

There's also a range for the bloke in your life. My fave is the plaid one made using a pair of mens vintage pants.

To celebrate the oncoming gorgeous weather, there's also fresh new colours of flower brooches available.

Go forth and SHOP!

8 Woorayl St


Little Shop said...

Your goodies look super awesome on our shelves. We love curly pops!

Stay Cute!
Bec Little Shop

Melissa G said...

Oh, ma'dear! I have missed a few blog entries. My goodness, you came so close. You're such a good person, and I feel that one day it'll all come good for you.
You're such a strong person.

Jennie said...

Yep - loving the plaid too.
(also good for boy doll legs!)XX

J. Paige said...

Such cute ideas!! - thanks for sharing and for letting me pass on your good ideas- with a link of course:o)