Friday, November 25, 2011

The Red Heart Tree Project & A Hottie Update

If you're looking for a sweet crafty project to make this Christmas, then this might be just what you're looking for.

The lovely ladies at Open Drawer are going to cover one of the courtyard trees in hearts, and a portion of the workshop proceeds will benefit The Margaret Pratt Foundation Heart and Lung Tranplant Trust.

Also, I received a lovely surprise in the mail this week with the latest edition of the Foundation's newsletter.

This is the section on the fantastic Hottie Challenge!

I've scanned the entire newsletter so that it can be downloaded as a pdf here. You can read all about how the donations assist research at the Alfred Hospital into the issues of chronic rejection, chronic infection and long term dysfunction after transplant, along with all of the fundraising activites that have taken place during the year.


Megan said...

Such good things happening over east! There needs to be more of it over here in WA. Maybe I will have to start something next year for the Liver Foundation? I might have to hit you up for tips on how to do it!

willywagtail said...

Have you planned your toenail colour yet? Will there be time for a quick splash on of varnish before you rush ou the door? Poor Wendy. Her story reminds me of friends'. She had had some major bowel reconstruction and also wasn't allowed water. Apatient in the bed next to hers was given a fizzy drink and allowed to have it as she was further along. Every time my friend smells this drink now she recalls how she was actually ready to do murder, if only she could have, just to get that drink. I think Wendy's idea of a manual of how to cope would be great if written by someone with an acute sense of humor. Only problem is, could you imagine the pain you would get if lying on your side you suddenly recalled some humorouous piece from such a work and burst into laughter. Thanks for sharing this pdf with us. It's heartwarming to know that the funds raised actually go towards real results. Cherrie