Saturday, March 17, 2012

I say Doilies, You say Doyleys

Despite my best intentions, I couldn't quite make it to opening night of "I Say Doilies, You Say Doyleys" at Gleaners Inc lastnight.

But, I'lll most definitely be popping in on my travels this week.

The exhibition runs until April 13th and has more than 30 contributors.

.... and thankyou to Lioness Lady for letting me know about this article in todays Herald Sun!


Jennie said...

Woo, you got your name in the Herald Scum! As a police employee that's the honour my husband strives to avoid.

Jennie said...

Oh no, I seriously meant to type Herald Sun! Freudian slip. Bad fingers.

Maxabella said...

Love seeing your name in print! This looks like such a fantastic exhibition. You Melbourne gal rock. x

Megan said...

You are getting lots of mentions at the moment! How exciting :)

Love your doily flower, I was just wondering on the weekend what you had turned those little sneak peeks into!