Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Lisette Sew-Along - Flickr

Look! Our little Sew-Along was re-tweeted by the ACTUAL Sew Lisette....

We currently have ten crafty peeps signed up on the official list, but there are a few more playing along via Twitter and Intstagram too.

If the Lisette pattern doesn't suit your style, the please still join in and just make your favourite dress. It's all about sewing motivation and fun!

I'm planning on going through the stash today to try to find something to use, while B-Fab is off to search her local Spotty for the larger sized pattern that I need.

In the meantime, I've created a Sew-Along Flickr Group so that we can share our photos. Feel free to add photos of your fabric, any work-in-progress shots, and of course, the finished dress.

You can also add photos of your finished dress to the official Sew Lisette Flickr Group.

Sew-Along Sign Up
Link to Pattern
Sew-Along Flickr Group
Sew Lisette Flickr Group


Becky said...

I will play along. I have a few Lisette patterns already that I have not used as yet so I am not sure which I will use if that is ok.

Sandrine said...

That sound like a great idea Cam!I have not got Lisette patterns but few in the queu.Should I join?I could do with some sewing motivation at the moment! :)x

Margaret said...

I might have to get myself to Spotlight ... and join in, somehow!

Sarah said...

Oh Cam I would really love to be doing this... Just cannot at the moment with so much on my plate I am doing my head in.