Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Choose Your Own Bag Adventure - Day 1

Welcome to August and the first day of this months Choose Your Own Bag Adventure Sew-Along.

If you haven't signed up yet, don't fret. You can sign up at any time during the month.

I've taken the first step and chosen my pattern, but now comes the hard part.

I need a 'toned down' style of fabric to suit more evening / dressy type occassions.... but I just don't DO toned down.

I keep dragging loud colour filled prints from the stash and begrudgingly putting them back, but I figure that if I put it out into the world via the blog, then I have to follow through.

Repeat after me - I WILL make a nice subtle toned down dressy style evening appropriate bag...

But, there'll be no resistance when it comes to the lining, and I will make sure to sew the gusset in right side up this time (ahem slight error last time).

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sister outlaws said...

Good luck with the "subtle" colours!!! Don't think I could achieve that! Can they be subtle BUT sparkly??? I'd like to join your bag lady challenge but I don't reckon I have the sewing skills. But I look forward to watching what everyone makes and to seeing your sophisticated, subtle hued evening creation!!!

willywagtail said...

Seeing is believing! Your new frooches are amazing too. Cherrie

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

I'm so excited my high schooler is making a bag in non elective sewing this semester. I'm sure their design will be very toned down, sigh, you can always add though!! Love Posie

Tas said...

Subtle schmuttle, Cam. ;)
(Hope that helped)

Dee said...

Hmmm subtle colours...can't wait to see what you come up with.
And I said last night on twitter, my skirt fail WILL become my bag triupmh.

Fiona said...

Why on earth would you need to tone it down for evening? I say forget subtle and make a statement!

Miss Prudence said...

Well why on earth would you even try to do "toned down"? LOL

Try black and something not toned down - never fails

loving the brooches Cam

Finki said...

well, back in the old days I bought a bag at one of your markets that was black with a white doiley overlay. A pressie for my sis in law. she still uses it. I still loves it and it was the most anti usual curlypops color you'd ever made. But you did make it and it was divine, so i have complete and utter faith in your ability to tone it down and still be AWESOME ( ; and p.s. i'm gunna join in on this one. Been hangin' to do some bags. x

Tanya said...

You're ace Cam! I am, shockingly on schedule, cut out the city bag and hoping to sew tomorrow, but my machine is being abit dodgy :(