Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Creative Space

I've managed to take over the dining table this week as I'm working on a custom t-shirt quilt for a customer.

Now comes the tricky part - as the t-shirts were all different sizes, I now have to make sense of the layout. I'm just waiting on some printed text blocks to arrive from Frankie and Swiss and I can get on with the job.

I had a couple of questions about this type of quilt when I posted a pic on Instagram so here's a step by step:

  • Cut the t-shirt in half along the side seams to separate the back and front
  • Block fuse a good quality woven interfacing onto the back of each printed side of the t-shirt (it's much easier if you have an ironing press rather than an iron)
  • Cut your quilt square (make it large if you're unsure of your layout so you can trim it down later)
  • Now that the t-shirt blocks are nice and stable and non-stretchy, you can just sew them in the same way as any normal quilt top.

There's also been a lot of this going on in the evenings. I'm working on something that's lots of fun and teaching myself new tricks as I go along.

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yardage girl said...

Oooh ~ clever quilt idea!

Mrs A said...

That will be a neat quilt when its finished! Great idea!

jennie said...

That is going to be such a cool quilt!
Love that its made from t shirts!x

Kuka said...

these look great Cam!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

mom wants to do this with the step-dads shirts since he lost a lot of weight...i told her one problem. you hate sewing :p

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

they are all harley shirts so she doesn't want to bin them, and thought they would make a nice quilt for their house