Monday, August 27, 2012

Choose Your Own Bag Adventure Sew Along - Baguette

Gosh things get a little crazy when you struggle to finish a project for your very own sew-along!

Thankfully, I had a little spare time Friday afternoon and I was determined to finish off my sweet Baguette.

Unfortunately the original fabric that I'd chosen for the base was an absolutely slippery slidey nightmare to sew with, so I ditched it, and found this beautiful soft grey wool blend in the stash instead.

Serendipitously, it was actually the leftover fabric from my You Sew Girl Beret  (pattern)

One of my curves isn't perfect, but it's perfect enough for me.

I used some lovely red chevron fabric from the quilting section at Spotty on the interior, and instead of making a short strap (like my original Baguette), I decided to make an adjustable strap so that I can wear it short or long.

I absolutely love how this bag turned out, and I'm going to get so much use from it. I can't wait to swap everything over!

You Sew Girl Baguette

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seabreezequilts said...

Love the bag. Red and grey is always a good combo. I'm afraid that little bag wouldn't be enough for all the $##@ I carry, around but it looks super cute and love the fabric you chose.

Naturally Carol said...

A very chic little bag indeed!

Tas said...

I love this bag. Definately on my "to do" list. Grey and red is a beautiful combination.

Tas said...

Oh, and while I am here, I just wanted to let you know that I have made three of Nikki's A-Line skirts in past 2 weeks so I made up for missing the sewalong by a couple of months....right?

Mistea said...

Very swish in those colours.
I finished another bag today, took a little longer than I thought it might as I kept getting distracted by other projects.
Enjoy your new bag.

Fiona said...

Gorgeous fabric that's one very classy wee baguette!

Melissa G said...

I like that you gave the baguette a long strap. I like small parcel like bags, but never really favoured the itty bitty hand straps that they come with. So I think your bag is awesome.

Bron said...

Ooh cam - looks fab! =)

Jennie said...

Love the 'across the body' style Cam - gorgeous!x